Our Story

We have come together as a team to bring new ideas and solutions to the UK’s obesity crisis. We’re focused on helping those over the age of 18 who are overweight and preventing them from becoming obese.

We need your help to continue our research.

We’re raising money to run research led by Dr Linda Duffy at Middlesex University to determine how best to provide effective motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

We are looking at ways that will provide lasting benefit to those wanting to lose weight and improve their health. We are looking for partners we can work with to find out which motivations work best to create healthy and lifelong habits. We want to prevent the yo-yo cycle of diets that we know is harmful and can lead to even greater obesity.[i]

Our team has evolved and grown over the past year and we believe we now have the right mix of skills and experience to continue our research. The research plan is developed and we’re united in feeling strongly that actions speak louder than words.

Losing weight is hard

We know how incredibly difficult it is to lose weight. We believe that there are ways that we could motivate people to swap their unhealthy lifestyle for one that will bring lifelong benefits. We know obesity is an issue that affects the NHS and also those who work for this valued organisation

We have come together as a team and set up a community interest company (CIC) called Earn Your Health. We are fundraising to make a difference for those who are overweight. We want to support those who are wrestling with weight loss and need additional motivation to be successful in leading a healthier lifestyle.

[i][i][i] “Why we eat (Too Much)” Dr Andrew Jenkinson Penguin 2020

The Team

Toby Stephenson

Toby is our Chief Web and Design Officer responsible for the website and the design of all marketing materials.

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Teresa Quinlan

Teresa is our Chief Press Officer and is responsible for our media relationships and all press enquiries.

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Kathryn Bullock

Kathryn is our Chief Marketing Officer and is responsible for our marketing activities.

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Dr Linda Duffy

Linda is our Chief Scientific Officer and in charge of the research and trials.

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Dr Sarah Whiteman

Sarah is our Medical Officer and responsible for our relationships with healthcare providers.

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Tony Drury

Tony is our Promoter, responsible for fundraising and is our Chief Operations Officer. He is also the creator of our Healthy Future Programme.

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